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Misery In Repetition

by Lost Limbs

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Be a Bridge: 00:50
Not a Goal. 05:23
The life that we've known and the places where we're grown We summarised, defined and book-ended them all. I sit alone, amongst early euphoria Triumphal calls and anticipation abound. I recall crowds similar from textbooks and newsreels; Now alive, now real and so close to the maelstrom. I see what I never thought I'd see; What I thought was impossible. This voice comes from everywhere, but it's never the same although sometimes in harmony or a familiar refrain. We've proven ourselves already, before the answer- we now know what we can do if we come alive. This moment is our pause in history; this moment is our new life. In this moment we can change; in this moment we can grow.
Drift of swine; slit their sacred throats.
To be struck just once is not to cave in The blows repeating; toil and burden, the unseen price. Use this frail husk to bear the sorrow as grief accosts Have my bones for a pillow when you wake My ability to finish nothing has cost me everything I still claim to soar, while I float face down My ability to finish nothing has cost me everything And my hymn of hate is the one remaining sound Hide me from blame for your suffering in this way From cruelty becomes shame I can never repay your faith in my name Or the things I will never say How I could betray is appalling, again. As death closes in, consumes you within, the light that once burned is now flickering.
Through flawed visions of the past, our common character is shaped. We're misled still as we are called, our thoughts and failures to replay. Try to struggle against this; face off against the sea. To find difficulty in simplicity is the "blessing" that we have. To make the mundane extraordinary is all we've ever really learned. Try to struggle against this; push against the wind. But we breathe it in, and we swim in it; we're celebrating what we've done. No commiseration or reparation will change our ways; we've learned the structure, we're confined and tunneled. Admit you've never known your first step, or where to turn. Choke on your first real breath, as you tread water alone. We're celebrating what we've done, and from our comfort we won't go.
Nausea 05:10
The billowing fires that we create Growing with uncertainty, building just a shell Were not of love, nor of hope, not of warmth; just a grinding, grim fear. Driving at an answer To a question that's still shrouded Not in love, nor in hope, not in warmth; just a grinding and grim fear. The solitary new lights shone without flickering Both tireless and powerless, they emphasised the misery I clawed my way back here, following patterns and pictures But I knew in that moment that I couldn't return I spent so long stranded and frustrated at the end of that cord that now when I witness this, it leaves me so cold.
Fit to Burst 06:53
Consider this advice Consider this a warning Consider this your fault I'm hopelessly unable to consider anyone but myself; Anxious, selfish and trivial thoughts, my stomach twists and turns in knots Battles lost are better buried. Pride is a sin, that too often is carried. Many fall upon their pride: Washed away by the changing tide. Silver tongues often speak falsely; golden promises are revealed to be costly. Severed ties, and bridges burned from prior lessons we never learned. Responsibilities long neglected Open wounds left unattended I am fit to burst. Words and deeds are misinterpreted Spite and fear dressed, shaped and edited I am fit for lies. Potential killed by lack of effort Purpose lacking, direction absent I am fit for nothing.
Apparatchiks 02:58
Will we break, endure or emerge unscathed? You couldn't change the writing on the wall. This thoughtless swarm of bodies fly a flag they've never seen. Put your vision to one side; those dreams creak, bend and shatter as they collide. The world you know and the one you conceal are only now, through film on skin, becoming real. We were never meant to see this work, don't need this chance to grow or to learn that sharing more than simply turf can be our chance to show our vision, order and structure- each betrayed by it's inherent lack of depth. Hoping, wondering; lost, now forgotten in a haze of ire and bile.


Debut album.


released August 3, 2015

Recorded with Ross Middlemiss on 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th of April 2015.
Mastered by James Plotkin in June 2015.

Photography by Kathryn Mcleod (storiesmysuitcasecouldtell.com)
Additional design by Ross Galloway.

Thank you to all who helped.


all rights reserved



Lost Limbs Glasgow, UK

DIY indie/ screamo band from Glasgow, Scotland. Phil, Ewan and Bobby play bass, drums, guitar and do vocals.

2 track demo out Sep/ Oct 2014, free/ donations/ pay what you want online or ltd run of 100 CDRS.

Album to follow late 2014/ early 2015 on vinyl and in digital format.
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